Japan is Testing World’s Fastest Bullet Train: Alfa-X

Japan has started testing World’s fasted bullet train last week. The bullet train is built in partnership between Hitachi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It’s amazing to know that this train has the cruising speed faster than the top fastest formula, NASCAR. Being given the name Shinkansen ALFA-X, it will set a new world record by reaching 400 kilometers per hour.

The fastest bullet train will start its operations in the year 2030 and will be carrying passengers around 360 kph. This is not the first bullet train manufactured by the company, it already has one more, however, bring the fastest one in the world will enlighten the name of Japan in the world.

Alfa-X is the World’s Fastest Bullet Train

CNN reported that after it will be launched, initially it will undergo three years of testing. These test runs will take place after midnight, twice weekly on Somori and Sendai tracks. This bullet train has 10 cars and 72-foot long aerodynamic nose. It will be using roof mounted air brakes and magnetic plates for breaking.

Japan has already manufactured another bullet train, Shinkansen N700s which will start its operations in 2020 but it has a maximum speed of 300Kph. Well done Japan for introducing these groundbreaking bullet trains.

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