Japan Takes A Further Step Towards Digitization by Launching Satellite for GPS

Japan launched a fourth satellite for high-precision global positioning system (GPS) on Tuesday. The purpose is to encourage new businesses and help prompt economic growth. Japan Takes A Further Step Towards Digitization.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said:

The fourth Michibiki satellite lifted off from Japan’s southern Tanegashima space port aboard an H-2A rocket taking just over 28 minutes to reach orbit

Four satellites will circulate over Japan and Australia as a figure of eight orbit to allow for uninterrupted coverage of the GPS.

Japan Takes A Further Step Towards Digitization

When compared to the US system, which has an accuracy of about 10 meters, Japanese GPS can locate devices to within several centimeters.

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Japan has taken a bold step by launching another satellite. This will not only boost up its economy but also its a step towards innovation and digitization, since its all about the Internet of things nowadays.

Japan plans to have seven of the geo-positioning satellites in orbit by 2023.

As engineers are giving a new way to technology we are very close that one day we will have internet of everything.

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