Jazz Becomes the Largest Telecom Network in Pakistan with 55 mn Customers

The merger of Pakistan’s no. 1 mobile operator, Mobilink, having 40 million subscribers (before merger) with Warid Telecom has restrengthened its market position. With passing time, Jazz witnessed huge growth, finally coming up with together around 55 million users and Jazz Becomes the Largest Telecom Network in Pakistan.


No doubt, Jazz has introduced new services for its users and has won their hearts by organizing customer’s obsessed days. This is the reason why more and more users are shifting towards Jazz.

Jazz Becomes the Largest Telecom Network in Pakistan

Jazz thanked its Customer’s for helping it achieve this milestone.

Jazz Becomes the Largest Telecom Network in Pakistan with 55 mn Customers

Jazz is all set to continue Mobilink’s leadership in the telecommunications arena by spearheading a digital revolution in the country through introduction of innovative services & products. The brand’s ultimate goal is to empower every citizen of Pakistan in today’s fast-paced digital economy through its primary products i.e. Jazz Internet, Jazz Voice, JazzCash, and Jazz X.

Since the merger with Warid Telecom, Jazz and VEON Ltd. have been on a path of reinvention. By shedding its brick and mortar structure to introduce new corporate values, robust control, and compliance framework, a lean, agile operating model, and a significantly reduced cost base, the idea is to introduce more sustained growth.

By consistently evolving its organizational structure, framework, and processes, along with developing new, innovative product offerings, Jazz is set to take on the challenges thrown by today’s business environment and rising customer demands, constantly adapting to change.

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