Jazz Digit 4G WhatsApp – Here’s How to Activate and Use it!

Jazz has recently launched its new smart feature phone, called the Jazz Digit 4G, which is capable of delivering an almost smartphone-like performance at just a margin of its cost.

You might already know and be excited about the Jazz Digit 4G WhatsApp app. It comes pre-installed on the mobile device out of the box. Good news is that it supports it and you can enjoy and connect to your loved ones through sending and receiving texts, audio notes and images.

How to Activate WhatsApp on Jazz Digit 4G?

We’ve captured screenshots on the Digit 4G on every step that you need to take in order to activate WhatsApp. Yes, you heard it right, you can capture screenshots on the Jazz Digit 4G with KaiOS 2.5.2.

1. Locate and open WhatsApp on the Home Screen, at the left through the navigation key at the center.

Jazz Digit 4G Whatsapp 1

OR Through the Apps Menu

Jazz Digit 4G Whatsapp 2

2. Add your mobile number on the first screen that the app welcomes you with and click Next.

Jazz Digit 4G Whatsapp Activation

3. Verify the number and click okay.

kaios 2.5.2 jazz whatsapp activation

4. You’d get a code on the number that you wanted to use for WhatsApp. If that number is already within your device, you do not have to do anything, it’ll read the text and activate by itself.

jazz digit 4g whatsapp activation


5. Afterwards, Add a name to your Profile and a Photo if you want to and click Add.

jazz whatsapp digit

6. That’s it, you’ll be welcomed to the home screen, displaying all the recent chats if you have any.

whatsapp home digit 4g

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How to Send a Text On WhatsApp Using Jazz Digit 4G?

Follow these simple steps

1. Click “New Chat”.

whatsapp home digit 4g

2. Select the contact you want the text to send to

jazz whatsapp

3. Start typing the message directly, once done, click send!

message sent jazz digit 4g whatsapp

How to Send Voice Message on WhatsApp?

1. Open WhatsApp, choose your contact.

select contact

2. Press the center key for voice recording.

hold button

3. Press and hold the center key to keep recording the voice message.

recording started

4. Once done, leave the button and your audio note would be ready to send.

click send

Features that the WhatsApp on this device doesn’t support includes:

  1. Voice Calls
  2. Video Calls

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