Jazz SMS Packages VS Telenor SMS Packages- Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Mobile Network Operators from Pakistan keep on introducing different SMS packages to meet their customer demands. No doubt, SMS packages are very necessary as nowadays due to the shortage of time people prefer to message each other to convey messages rather than calling. The trend of SMS is evergrowing and to cater customer’s needs all operators have released different SMS packages at affordable rates, from which one can opt for a package just according to their need and choice. Currently, we have four operators: Telenor, Jazz, Zong, and Ufone. We will do their comparison one by one. Here is the list of Telenor and Jazz SMS Packages.

Telenor and Jazz SMS Packages- Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Both the operators have daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages to cater their customers need.

Jazz SMS Package-Daily, Weekly & Monthly


PackageName (Package)FeesSMSWhatsAppValidity
Daily 1Jazz Daily SMS+ WhatsApp BundleRs. 5.98 with Tax1,50010 MBs1 Day
Daily 2Jazz DAily BundleRs. 4.77 with Tax1200——1 Day
WeeklyJazz Weekly Bundle13.13 with Tax100025 MBs7
MonthlyJazz Monthly BundleRs. 50 with Tax10,0005000 MB FUP30 Days

The above table for Jazz SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly, and Monthly shows that company has provided two daily packages for its users one is without WhatsApp while another one is inclusive of Whatsapp with slight changes in subscription fees. As far as Weekly and Monthly Packages are concerned, JAZZ provides one package for each inclusive of SMS and WhatsApp.

Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly:

DailyTelenor Daily Messaging Bundle Rs. 2.00 with Tax300——–1 Day
Weekly 1Telenor Weekly Messaging BundleRs. 10.00 with tax1200100 MBs7 Days
Weekly 2Telenor SMS Minutes BundleRs. 11.95 with tax700No Whatsapp but 12 minutes7 Days
Bi-MonthlyTelenor 15-Day Messaging BundleRs. 35 with tax3500 200 MB15 Days
MonthlyTelenor Monthly Messaging BundleRs. 40 with tax10,000  300 MB30 Days

Above table shows that Telenor has five packages for SMS out of which two are weekly and one is bi-monthly followed by daily and monthly Telenor package.

Final Verdict-Telenor and Jazz SMS Package-  Daily, Weekly & Monthly

The above Telenor and Jazz SMS Packages analysis shows that Jazz has 4 SMS packages, however, Telenor has 5 but on doing clear comparison we can see that Jazz provides more SMS and WhatsApp MBs with slight high rates when compared with Telenor packages. Paying slight more amount for so many incentives is a better option rather than paying less money for such less number of SMS and MBS for Telenor.

According to Phoneworld team, Jazz SMS Packages are far better than Telenor SMS Packages.

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