Jazz Women’s Day Campaign Portrays Bad Image of Pakistan

March 8, International women’s day is celebrated throughout the world to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. While everyone plays their part, paying tribute to all the amazing women throughout the world, there are some brands that bring to light such issues which have nothing to do with reality. Yes, I am talking about Jazz 4G, who gave tribute to women throughout Pakistan with the Jazz Women’s Day Campaign by highlighting an issue that is actually not an issue of our society.

In an advert, we can see an inquiry going on, in which the culprit confesses that he killed his sister because she was having a mobile phone with her. Like seriously?

Jazz Women’s Day Campaign- A Misleading Advert

This is the most negative advert I have ever come across and it doesn’t represent our society in any way. This advert has left a bad impression of Pakistan in front of the whole world as it is running on all the national channels. Though most of the women in Pakistan own a mobile phone and are even using it to earn money while sitting at home, if there is a ratio difference between ownership between the two genders, it is due to the unaffordability and lack of awareness and education among this gender.

According to GSMA- Mobile Gender Gap Report 2020, 54 per cent of women in low- and middle-income
countries now use the mobile internet and the gender gap is narrowing. Moreover, the report also highlights that handset affordability remains the primary barrier to mobile phone ownership for men and women. Among mobile users who are aware of the mobile internet, a lack of literacy and digital skills continues to be the main barrier to use.

Coming back to the advert, Jazz 4G believed that in our society it is not considered good for women to own a mobile and while addressing the issue and to make women KHUDMUKHTAR (empowered), they are generously giving free SIMS along with their discounted Digit smartphone. Will it actually make difference?

Instead of giving free SIMs, it’s better to give free mobile devices and then you will see the real issue is not the IZAT, its the poverty due to which women are deprived of mobile devices. These underprivileged families own only one mobile device for the whole family and as men go out to earn, he carries the mobile phone along.

By releasing this misleading advert, are you trying to portray a bad image of Pakistan and want people to believe that this is a nation of extremist men who don’t trust women? This advert depicts that women of Pakistan are not empowered much to be trusted at home which is totally wrong. The man shown in an advert cannot be linked with Pakistani men. it is just a mental illness and carriers of such illness can be present in any part of the world.

Let’s go a few years back and see another advert of brother and sister from Jazz who really made difference to Pakistan by showcasing the real image of Pakistan. The advert starts with a strong comment “Bhai buri khabrain btaen Jaen gi to sab Pakistan ko bura hi samjhya gain”.

It seems in a couple of years, the telecom operator has changed there advertising strategy and now they want to showcase “bura image” of Pakistan. Jazz 4G should have made an advert that gives more sense of empowerment and freedom to women, in fact, this advert gave bad sense to women leaving hatred for the Jazz 4G.

After all the bash upon this advert, Jazz 4G has quietly removed it from all their social media pages and their official website however we want an apology from the telecom operator who has millions of women subscribers and yet they portrayed the poor image of Pakistan instead of shedding light on the actual issues.

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Fizza Atique

Fizza Atique is a Tech writer specializing in the intersection of tech and culture. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.
  • Jazz is already in fbr list. They didn’t pay taxes. Why they didn’t improve the network instead of negative marketing tactics.
    Kuch sharam karu.

  • The writer’s opinion is absolutely right. The issue Jazz mentioned is not our major issue these days. There are many other problems on which we should work.

    Instead of portraying a negative image of the country, Jazz should bring some relaxing offers/packages to empower women (if they were really thinking of appreciating women on the women’ day 🤭) .

    Anyhow, Hamda Aqil Alvi , you should not use abusive language to convey your opinion.

  • Excuse the rashness (not that that I care, but your weak ass will get offended anyway so trigger warning), but this is exactly what the Pakistani society is like. You have the nerve to talk about an actual fucking murder that a misogynistic piece of filth man committed because a woman was using a phone and you are definitely justifying it, saying as if it didn’t happen at all and that woman’s life went in vain. You being a woman yourself is the biggest culprit and inducer of patriarchy here, I don’t even want to call you a victim of it (even though your ignorance is a big yes-yes), because victims are somehow mostly unaware that what’s being done to them is cruel and they keep taking it but you are doing all of this on purpose. What Jazz has shown is an actual, very real, obviously more real than your idiotic ideologies situation which happens in almost every area of Pakistan. Patriarch, intolerant, misogynistic Pakistan. Women get killed everyday because of various reasons, countless of them including murders because they couldn’t cook food, couldn’t give birth, talked back to trash patriarchs, couldn’t wear what they wanted, couldn’t do what they wanted, couldn’t think, couldn’t go out, couldn’t do necessary things in life without being shamed and harassed and killed and raped. And you, an obviously previliged female of this same society (maybe you live in a house of glass to have written an article so damn ridiculous and unrealistic that it physically pains me to think that I can’t kill you in person like that guy did because fuck, did you just insult a whole gender by writing this?) But obviously you should remember that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You better take this article down.
    Why don’t you go and find out how “most of the women” in Pakistan own a phone and “earn money sitting home” without any consequences. Your incompetency is huge. Not being aware that 99% women are harrassed in Pakistan, a lot of them by their own families and so many of them get killed by them for having being born. God forbid if they own a phone, they’ll be made an example of definitely. So unrealistic and illogical and bad, right? Not only the fact that this butchery happened but also the fact that there are countless assholes like you out there defending it. Do some homework, lady before speaking in such a wide platform. Next time you write an article, do some research, you desperately need it. Even if you had the ability to read the newspaper at least once in a while, it wouldn’t have been so easy for you to make your fingers write these words. Total nutjob.

    • No, I am not justifying it or said that it never happened but it’s not a majority these days. Jazz with the tagline “Duniya ko Bata Do” is a big brand having social responsibility and it can really make difference and can tell Duniya Good things about Pakistan rather than highlighting such issues that leave a bad mark on the country. I being a woman believe that all women should be respected and one can have a different opinion like you but that doesn’t mean a woman should use such language for other woman-so being a women is not a question of the matter right now.
      What I believe being a woman is that there are other big and positive issues that should be discussed on women’s day including Dowry, right to education, and right to freedom. And if I agree with your point, what’s the idea of giving free sims to such girls shown in the ad? Will it change the mentality of men in your society or will they call their loved ones with just a SIM as Jazz is not giving free devices? Seems like you have not gone through the GSMA connected report revealing the reasons for less usage of mobile phone among women in Pakistan. Jazz should have done homework before releasing this advert so that they won’t have to lift it up later on. If they are so right with the advert, why they even deleted their own page from the website regarding it? We do not write anything without research however we love to have different opinions and welcome any kind of comments from our readers even if they belong from a media agency of such big brands! Cheers!

    • I totally agree with the writer however one can have difference of opinion but you should not use abusive language to convey it.

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      Honestly, Fizza’s thoughts regarding Jazz’s non-sense advert are spot on! There isn’t a single word that could suggest that she’s trying to justify that act.
      And Seriously, Jazz’s stupid marketing team should’ve worked a little harder to try to make better sense of what they want to convey before actually releasing that advert.

      Anyhow, we really appreciate you taking out time to write such a huge comment. Your pathetic attempt to defend Jazz or to clean up their shit went really bad, I’m so sorry to say that you didn’t do well.

      Also, bad news for you, we won’t take down this article 🙂 Who’s Next Jazz?!

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