Mobilink & Warid Releases an Anthem to Announce its Brand Identity Under One Name “JAZZ”

As Pakistan’s no. 1 mobile operator, Mobilink recently merged with Warid Telecom that has restrengthened its market position and finally coming up with together around 50 million users.

Yesterday, a farewell event was organized in Mobilink Headquarters, now Jazz HQs, to finally announce one name for this merged identity of Mobilink-Warid as “JAZZ” while offering both 3G and 4G services in Pakistan.

The CEO Aamir Ibrahim bid farewell to “Mobilink & Warid Names” and introduced “Jazz-Dou Network Aik Awaz” whereas the brand name “Warid” will phase out in coming few months until and unless all Warid customers are being shifted to “Jazz” network.

Mobilink & Warid Releases an Anthem to Announce its Brand Identity Under One Name “JAZZ”

Let’s watch “Jazz-Dunya Ko Bataa Dou TVC” first and then read out its review in the following section:

For the very first time in Pakistan, the higher leadership of a mobile company appeared in a TVC to announce brand’s identity under one name “JAZZ”. Yes, no need to hire models; instead the entire officials of both Jazz-Warid performed in an “Anthem” to promote “Jazz-Dunya Ko Bataa Dou” campaign. A mind blowing advert to restrengthen operator’s market position by introducing 4G LTE and final brand’s name. It beautifully encircles around the core idea of Jazz by highlighting its commitment of being Truthful, Customer Obsessed, Collaborative, Corporate Affairs & Innovative. The ad is directed in both Warid & Mobilink offices, schools and fields of Pakistan while showing vast network of Jazz.

Before this, Mobilink-Warid Releases TVC to Announce theie Integration of Dou Network, Aik Awaaz:

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