Jeff Bezos responds to the viral clip of Leonardo DeCaprio

After a video of the Amazon billionaire’s girlfriend looking star-struck after meeting the Titanic actor went viral on social media, Jeff Bezos playfully threatened Leonardo DiCaprio. Clip of Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be having a chat with Lauren Sanchez while Jeff Bezos stands calmly by her side, according to footage that has been circulating on Twitter.

Ms Sanchez was seen in the video smiling brightly as she conversed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Without context, the six-second film appears to show that Mr Bezos was the third wheel on this occasion – a fact that he was well aware of. The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin reacted to the video by humorously threatening his competitor.

We’ll, Bezos can’t seem to get enough of the attention on the clip of Leonardo DiCaprio and has tweeted to Leo,

“Leo, come over here, I want to show you something,”

while dressed in full Swole Jeff Bezos garb and standing next to a sign that reads, “DANGER! Cliff with a steep drop. “Dead Drop.” While we don’t know if the two have a problem, it’s intriguing to watch Bezos steal a page from Elon Musk’s book when it comes to communicating with the public on Twitter.

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His response has subsequently received over 184,000 likes, with many commenters applauding his witty response.

Since 2019, Jeff Bezos has been romantically linked to Lauren Sanchez, an American news anchor. Their romance made news shortly after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was divorcing his wife, MacKenzie Scott, after 25 years of marriage in a surprise revelation.


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