Just a 15 lines of code can crash your Apple iPhone and iPad

A developer and security researcher named Sabri Haddouche has found out 15 lines of code that will easily crash your Apple iPhone and iPad. Apple was famous due to its security premises but now it looks like Apple is loosing out the game. This 15 lines of code take advantage of a flaw in WebKit, that is a browser used by Safari. Don’t try to crash your Apple iPhone and iPad, it is way too risky.

Sabri Haddouche said that a huge number of elements are repeated under the backdrop filter causing all of the phone’s resources to be used. In Results, it causes a Kernel Panic which forces the operating system to shut down. You can face a permanent damage or data loss.

“Anything that renders HTML on iOS is affected,”  the security researcher says

According to other forums discussion regarding the crash your Apple iPhone and iPad, the code can freeze iPhone units that are running the latest iOS 12 beta. The latest iOS 12 will start the roll out tomorrow, that means the company should look after this matter before the update reaches everyone. The good thing is, this latest apple crash cannot steal your data, images or any videoIt can be a pain in the future if Apple will not look into the matter, the main reason for using Apple is reliability and safety.  Try to not open that kind of messages that contain HTML code via email. If you want to see the 15 lines of code that will easily crash your Apple iPhone and iPad, click here.

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