Khan Meter: A Website to Monitor PTI’s 100-Day Plans

Salman Saeed, a social entrepreneur has launched a website named Khan Meter in order to keep track of PTI’s 100-day agenda. Khan Meter will basically monitor the initiatives promised by Chairman PTI, Imran Khan.

Now Khan Meter will Tell us Where PTI stand

Imran Khan will soon take oath as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and as soon as he takes the oath, this Khan Monitor website will start working. When asked what made him come with such a brilliant idea, Saeed revealed that he decided to develop Khan Meter when people were making fun of Imran Khan’s promises.

Khan Meter: A Website to Monitor PTI's 100 days Plan

Khan Meter is divided into the number of passing days, and PTI’s goals that are either in progress, achieved or broken. The website shows the Top priorities of PTI extracted from party’s 100 days agenda.

To keep track of Imran Khan’s Promises Click on Khan Meter.

The website provides a detailed breakdown of the promises that the PTI chairman had made and they have been divided further into seven categories; economy, agriculture, water, society, security, governance and federation.

The best thing about Khan Meter website is that allows discussion for each category so that public can actively comment on PTI’s progress.

While telling about Khan Meter, Salman said:

 “Those who have voted for Imran Khan and his party are active now to keep an eye on their performance after they form the government in the federation.”

Salman further revealed that:

 “I am working on extending it to five years and getting all the points they plan to work on from their 2018 election’s manifesto.”

This is a very good and different initiative as we only vote political leaders and forget to monitor the promises they make during election campaigns.

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