Kids Friendly Audio Gadgets To Consider Buying

With time and advancement in technology the attraction of reading books have diminished.  Out of ten kids one might be in the habit of book reading. Thanks to the advancing technology, they via their products and offerings have somehow resurrected the reading habit. Different devices are offering multiple choices by which kids can read or listen to audio books. Some of the friendly audio gadgets are discussed here.

Spotify Kids and Amazon Kids+:

Amazon and Spotify both offer services that limit their offerings to child-friendly music and books. Amazon Kids+ has more than just audio, as it also grants access to a library of apps, movies and games on their tablets or phones.

Spotify Kids is purely an audio service, with lots of songs, podcasts and books specifically tailored for young ones, with remarkably easy parental controls. The only set back is it cannot download content for later use like on road and plane trips where internet connection is an issue. As many parents will not be in favor of screen time for their kids, Amazon Kids+ and Spotify Kids both come with screen.

Yoto Player

The Yoto Player is a small white cube-like device and comes without a screen. It also can serve as a clock and akids friendly gadgets nightlight; when plugged into its charger the time. Once Yoto is connected to WiFi through the usual process of connecting smart devices. A press of the right knob pulls up the Yoto Daily podcast, a mix of trivia, games and other amusements tailored toward small children. Pressing the button again pulls up Yoto Radio, a mix of kid-friendly pop hits and classic folk standards, nursery rhymes to modern childhood classics like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Ramona Quimby. The content will stay on device even when it’s not connected to the internet, so it can be played on trips as well as in the bedroom.


The Tonie box is a large cube covered in a rubbery cloth that makes it fun to hold, and the controls really kids friendly gadgetsencourage kids to get tactile with it. Lower or raise the volume by squeezing one of the rubber ears on top of the unit, and tap the sides of the Tonie box to skip tracks or go back. The content contains Disney audiobooks like Frozen, The Lion King and Toy Story and recordings of classic songs like ‘Baby Shark.’


Lunii is with a bright turquoise box studded with yellow buttons and friendly gadgets

Parents who don’t like the idea of their kids using anything that’s connected to the internet might prefer this method. It is interactive and that gives its edge over the others. When a child starts up the device, they’ll be prompted to not just choose a story, but a setting and main character; it’s somewhat customizable, and there are dozens of pathways the program can take.

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