Kovol Sprint GaN: This charging module can Charge all your devices

These days we are dependent on gadgets so much that on and off we need a device to get our tasks done. From mobile to laptops and stopwatches, our lives are controlled by these smart gadgets. However, while the devices have provided us convenience, it has also brought us in the hustle of finding the right chargers and slots to charge them. What gets more frustrating is the non-availability of charging booths/slots to charge our devices since all the members at home have multiple devices as a part of regular routine. Further, it gets difficult for us to remember which charger was for which device. To make it easier, we need to have a fast-charging brick with enough power and outputs to charge multiple devices at one time. In such a situation, Kovol Sprint charging hubs are here to save the day.

This charging module includes two USB C and two USB A plugs, that can easily and safely charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Kovol Sprint charging hubs have two variants: a 120 W super-fast charger and a 65 W extra-compact charger. Both of these modules are built on GaN technology that is small, powerful, and less heat dissipate as compared to the regular chargers.

The 120 W charger can charge MacBook Pro 16″ from 0% to 100% in 1 hour and 40 minutes. If just one device is connected at USB C outputs it outputs 100 w of power. However, if you connect multiple devices, it will smartly distribute the power as possible.

Its 65 W compact charging module is less costly but at the same time, it allows multiple device charging at the same time. If you connect MacBook 15″ to the 65 W sprint charger, it will charge it to 100% in two hours.

No doubt, it’s a compact device that can solve all your charging issues so one can make their lives easier by having this hub for charging multiple devices at the same time.

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