KPITB Releases its Digital Policy 2018-2023

KPITB formally launched its digital policy yesterday which is expected to transform governance in the province. While sharing the main points of KPITB digital policy, Kamran Bnagish, Special Assistant of the chief minister on Science and Technology and IT (STIT), revealed the basic aim of it calling it the most efficient system for transparency.

KPK Digital Policy 2018-2023

The digital policy has basically four main pillars that are:

  1. Digital governance
  2. Digital skills
  3. Digital economy
  4. Digital access.

The basic vision of digital policy is a systematic digital transformation in KPK by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies for job creation, connectivity, empowerment and inclusive economic growth. Soon KPK government will be fully paperless and the record of all the five districts will be made fully computerised.

It was also announced that STIT has collaborated with Local Government Department in order to transform five cities into smart cities, for better delivery of services. Keeping in views the smart cities, certain facilitation centres are also opened up in different areas. Along with this, KPITB is also promoting digital payments in order to increase financial inclusion and improvement of financial transactions.

The main objectives of KPK digital policy are listed below:

a. Ensuring that all the areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have accessible and reliable internet connectivity
b. Enable government institutions will soon adopt digital technologies for improving service delivery
c. Improve digital literacy, digital skills at all levels of education and training
d. Ensure the inclusion of women, youth and marginalised groups

To get a full view of KPK Digital Policy, Click Here.

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