KPK Police to Launch Emergency Alert Application

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police plans to launch an android-based SOS application ‘One-Click’ which aims to notify the police of possible emergency situations in schools in Peshawar.

KPK Police to Launch Emergency Alert Application For Emergency Situation

The app is being developed in the aftermath of the attack on Army Public School Peshawar on December 16 which led to the loss of 141 lives. According to a handout, the KP police has started ‘this high alert security service on Android which will send a short message service (SMS) and call the police in one click’.

The police further said that in case of any emergency situation, a person can alert a nearby police check-post by using the app. Just a click on the alert button would also send a message to at least ten police stations including the central police office. This application would really help the person in case of emergency. With the help of this application person find himself secure that there is some one who would be there if there is any terrorism.

The app will also help guide the police to the spot. The handout said the service will eventually be expanded and cover all schools and educational institutes across the province.

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