Lahore Zoo Mobile App To Be Launched Soon

The Lahore Zoo mobile app is currently being developed by a multi-national company named as Computer-Human Interaction and Social Experience Lab (CHISEL) at LUMS. This App will be available on both Apple and Android stores in the coming few months. An assistant professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences’ computer science department, Dr. Suleman Shahid is the project lead for this mobile app.

This new App aims to transform the Lahore Zoo into a digital learning facility. It will comprise of various educational and useful features. So, now the visit of the people will become more entertaining as compared to before. The App will include a map of the zoo, an interactive games option for kids’ learning and a QR code reader on the information boards of animals’ cages. It will let the visitors gain extensive information about the animals housed at the zoo. After so long, finally, the administration is taking some steps to make the environment better. Moreover, the App will also tackle the low adoption rates at the zoo. It will also let people know about the animals ready for adoption. Furthermore, the info about the financial aid needed to feed and look after adopted ones can also be taken through this App.

This App is a good initiative that will help encourage adoption of animals both locally and internationally.

Source: Samma Tv

Laiba Mohsin

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