Latest Huawei Patent Suggests Phone Design With Earpiece Display Hole

We all know that there had been a trend of display notches since last year. Almost all the smartphone companies introduced their phones featuring notches. However, this trend may end in 2019. Many smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei are looking into display holes instead of notches. Recently, a Latest Huawei Patent showed up. It shows a hole in the display for the earpiece suggesting that notch season is going to end.

Latest Huawei Patent Hints At The End Of Notch Era

Back in July, Huawei came up with a design featuring a display cutout for the camera. The design showed a very slim upper bezel containing the earpiece, ambient sensor, and the proximity sensor. Now, a new Huawei patent showed up. This design patent filed by USPTO shows a display hole for the earpiece. Let’s have a look at that:

Latest Huawei Patent Suggests Phone Design With Display Holes

This is quite interesting because it was thought that display holes would only be used for the selfie cameras. However, that doesn’t seem true. Huawei is working on a wide variety of designs. The design that came up in July had an in-display fingerprint reader. On the other hand, this latest patent seems to place it under the camera on the back. Similarly, there are many such small differences. Let’s see what comes next now.

The concept of the smartphone without a notch is entirely new although, it may cause some problems for the company. Certain questions arise while checking out the new design which the company needs to answer. For example, how will the apps behave when there will be no notch? How will the extra screen space be utilized? Will this design be more elegant than other upcoming phones? So, Huawei has to answer all these questions to clear all the confusions regarding this design. We can hope that the company comes up with the practical use of this revealed design.

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