Latest Minecraft Update Disables The Most Irritating Feature

Nemesis defeated.

The dreadful auto-jump has been permanently disabled in the latest update as shown in Minecraft snapshot 23W03A. The default setting for auto-jumping has been changed. The actual star of the snapshot show is the fact that auto-jump is no longer auto-on; this change is part of many other changes including minor ones a fix for armor stands retaining their custom names when broken and the addition of arrow key controls for menu navigation. Although, the real star of the snapshot show is auto-jump no longer auto-on.

First introduced from Pocket Edition to Java in the 1.10 update back in 2016, auto-jump launches your character up whenever you bump into basically anything you’re capable of jumping on. A frustration familiar  to players of the Assassin’s Creed series who are also unable to prevent their parkour-obsessed characters from becoming stuck on walls.

Auto-jump can be convenient since it prevents you from constantly tapping the spacebar, but it can also make your life a living hell if you are used to leaping manually, as it will cause you to accidentally crush crops and be thrown over cliffs and scaffolds. Each new major update, reinstall, or even a fresh install of Minecraft mods has caused all sorts of mildly annoying havoc for most players with auto-jump turned back on by default.
Of course, this is great news for the players who despise this accessibility feature, but it will still be accessible to those who require it (or who just love it, you monsters) regardless of the default setting.

If you want to  activate auto-jump once again, you may do it with these simple steps:

  • Open the options menu from either the in-game ESC menu or Minecraft’s main menu
  • Open the “Controls” submenu
  • Click “Auto-Jump: OFF” to set it back to on
  • Click “Done” and you should be all set

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