LDI Operators in Pakistan Need HELP from New Government

LDI Operators looks towards new Government for Help

The LDI (Long Distance International) Operators were slapped with the penalty of annulment of agreement imposed by the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on all 14 LDI operators. The penalty also included 7.5pc of the annual turnover of each LDI for violation of the Competition Act, 2010. The penalties imposed were on the three companies who reportedly were the main beneficiaries of the ICH i-e Rs 8.30bn on PTCL, Rs 534m on Worldcall and Rs189m on Telecard.

These LDI operators in Pakistan are now getting desperate to escape from the penalty imposed by Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) regarding the formation of the International Clearing House (ICH).


LDI operators especially the telecom giant PTCL is looking towards the new government of Pakistan to back them in order to avoid to delay implementation. However, restoration of old ICH regime and the annulment of the penalty is quite a difficult task because this agreement was annulled by CCP with help from the Supreme Court.

The new government of Pakistan may not get into a losing battle and from the start scandalize this for themselves by going against the orders of Supreme Court and implementation of the system that would also hurt overseas Pakistanis. They are hoping that at least the penalty on LDIs can be waived off or it can be postponed for considerable time period under a policy directive.


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