Leaked S10 Protector Images Show a Tiny Hole: Here’s What its For

Samsung has the habit of boasting its new devices at the start and then disappointing its users with nothing as promised. Due to this habit, many people are shaking goodbye to the Korean tech giant.  Now more users will leave Samsung behind after knowing that Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming with two cameras. Initially, Samsung revealed that Galaxy S10 will come with six cameras tough later on we came to know via a leaked render that the six cameras have shrunk to four. Many people were ok with it too as four camera is not a bad number and many other tech giants are also working on the flagship devices with the same number of cameras. However, the recent picture of Samsung Galaxy S10 revealing two cameras is an utter disappointment. Now we have come across S10 protector Images that shows a tiny and small hole.  It is a camera hole so it would be good news for those people who were not happy with a large hole of infinity-O Galaxy A8 launched a few days back.

S10 Protector Images- Here’s What you should know about the Upcoming device

The leakster posted images of  S10 protector on Twitter. It seems to be a glass protector and has a camera hole that is very tiny.  On the other hand, Galaxy A8 had comparatively a large whole.


Here is the S10 Protector Image:


So the hole size in both the pictures can be easily compared.

A few days back, we got the leaked price of S10. Gizmodo UK had revealed in a post the price of all the three variants of the Galaxy S10. The price of Galaxy S10 Lite with a screen size of 5.8-inch and 128GB of onboard storage is GBP 669 in the UK. The price of the regular Galaxy S10 model with a 6.1-inch screen size is said to be at GBP 799 for the 128GB storage version, and its 512GB storage price is GBP 999. Samsung is also working on the Galaxy S10+ with its 128GB storage variant in the UK and its price is GBP 899 while the price of its 512GB storage version is GBP 1,099.

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