Lenovo Announces 13-inch Multifunctional Android Tablet

While the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is rated excellent for watching movies but considerably less impressive to be used in productive capacity. Lenovo has announced the new Yoga Tab 13, a global version of the Yoga Pad Pro was launched in China earlier this year. The new upgrade with the new tablet is it can function as an external display for a laptop or a Nintendo Switch or any other HDMI device, due to its built-in Micro HDMI port. It has an attached stainless steel kickstand that rotates at 180 degrees from the back of the device. It can stand up or can be hanged from a wall. To take the work of a second monitor from the tablet is not a big deal, but the limitation is they are to be used with specific devices. Apple’s iPads can be used as external monitors but it only works with a Mac. But with built-in Micro HDMI port into its grip, the Yoga Pad Pro, basically enables to plug-in any HDMI device into it and be used as a13-inch monitor.

Lenovo Announces 13-inch Multifunctional Android Tablet 1

The Tab 13 can let the user draw or make or take notes when propped up as it is compatible with Lenovo’s Precision Pen 2. Its camera is an 8MP with background noise reduction for video calls. According to Lenovo, it gives up to 12 hours of battery life, with brightness that can reach up-to 400 nits with 1080p screen.


Access to videos, books, and games from multiple different apps in a single hub is possible with Google’s new Entertainment Space. Lenovo has a decent track record with entertainment-focused Android devices. Its recent  Tab P11Pro, which includes an OLED screen and Dolby Atmos speakers, proved to be an excellent movie-watching machine in testing, though it was not a of favorite productivity device.

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