Lenovo Unveils Bendable Concept Laptop with Flexible Screen

Lenovo is famous for extraordinary laptop designs. Just recently, the PC maker,  Lenovo has unveiled its latest concept device that has blown our minds. Yes Lenovo Unveils Bendable Concept Laptop with Flexible Screen.

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The tech giant yesterday revealed a new concept for malleable ThinkPad laptop. This concept laptop features a screen that can be operated from the keyboard and folded to close the laptop. The bendable laptop is extra thin and weightless.

Lenovo Unveils Bendable Concept Laptop with Flexible Screen

Lenovo’s flexible has an innovative design as the company has dropped out the old trackpad for incorporating bendable touch screen. Bendable Laptops features Lenovo’s signature ThinkPad pointing stick. It can be controlled by using voice commands.

The Laptop makers have not disclose the technology behind foldable laptop however the only screen technology so far that can bend and still function is OLED technology.

Lenovo revealed that the new concept will be achieved through “advanced material” and “new screen technologies”. The concept laptop will be “always connected, always on” and will be working with Artificial Intelligence to provide the information to users.

The bendable and fordable technology is new and revolutionary and is at its initial stage. It is not expected to be launched soon.

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