LG 16 Cameras Phone will Blow you Mind Away

With the early advent of technology and phones, we had phones without a camera. As the smartphone market is flourishing, different tech giants are launching two, three and now Four main camera phones. These tech giants are actively competing with each other by incorporating new technology specifically multiple cameras. This trend of incorporating more and more lenses is growing and bringing people closer to the future when people will need perfection in every picture. There are also rumours that Nokia will be coming with five cameras.  However, all these multiple camera devices will fade away in front of LG 16 Cameras phone.

LG 16 Cameras Phone- Here’s what you need to Know About it

LG latest patent reveals sixteen cameras on its upcoming smartphone. This patent is discovered by LetsGo Digital and shows a smartphone with the main camera setup that consists of 16 lenses with varying focal lengths and characteristics. And though this may seem like one too many, the patent actually goes over some pretty exciting stuff that could be achieved with this number of cameras.

LG phone with 16 cameras could be in the works
Different camera arrangement possibilities as per LG’s patent
The patent also mentions stitching various parts of different images together and other sorts of manipulations that users could be able to do after taking a picture.
LG phone with 16 cameras could be in the works
These images also show that a mirror can be used on the back of the phone to help taking pictures of yourself.  LG keep on experimenting with new things when it comes to smartphones cameras. Let’s see when the company will launch LG 16 cameras phone.

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