LG Files Patent for Foldable Smartphones

After SamsungLG Files Patent for Foldable Smartphones. LG is planning to launch its first foldable smartphone in near future. We have seen many foldable smartphones’ mock up but none of the company has launched any foldable smartphone yet. Let’s see which company will win this race to launch first ever foldable smartphone.

LG Files Patent for Foldable Smartphones

LG’s diagrams shows that this display wraps around the outside of the actual phone. There is a place on the side of the device when in phone mode. This display can be used for a front-facing selfie-camera, a fingerprint reader or some other kind of control. When the phone opens up the patent designs show that the control strip is covered up.

Apart from developing its own smartphone, LG is also working with other companies to make foldable smartphones. It is expected that foldable smartphones will hit the market in early 2018.

Recently, Samsung has also filed a series of patents for its foldable smartphones. According to the filing patents the device can be rolled, like a newspaper. Moreover, there will also a book-like model whom you can be fold to make it shorter.

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