LG Foldable Phone is not Launching at CES 2019

The foldable smartphones race has started. Almost all the big companies are working on flexible smartphones. Among all was Samsung. As Samsung is planning to launch the first foldable smartphone next year at CES. However, Samsung is not alone, LG Foldable phone will also land soon.

LG users were anxiously waiting for LG foldable phone which was expected to be launched next month at CES 2019. The company was expected to be the first company to launch the Foldable phone even before Samsung Galaxy F which will launch in March 2019. However, now there is sad news for people who were anxiously waiting for LG foldable phone: it is not coming next month.

LG Foldable Phone is not Coming Soon

Now Evan Blass revealed that he tweeted that LG is not Unveiling its foldable phone at CES which will take place on January 8th, 2019.
LG Foldable Phone is not Launching at CES 2019
Other tech giants like Samsung, Huawei and LG who are working on foldable devices will launch them in the first half of 2019. Whereas Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Motorola will launch their foldable device in the second half in 2018. By the mid of 2020, Microsoft will launch its foldable device it means the next two years will be dedicated to foldable devices.

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