LG New Phones to Come with Four Cameras & no Notch (Images)

LG’s patent for LG new phones is surfacing on the internet which reveals that the upcoming device will support four cameras and a fingerprint reader on the back. The design has three version, each has a rounding on the corners.

LG New Phones to Feature Quad Camera- Here are the details

LG V40 was the first device of LG with three cameras so we can expect that the new phone will be upgraded with four cameras. Like Huawei, the cameras are arranged in a square. We cannot see any flash in the device so maybe like Huawei Mate 20, one circle will be flash and other three will be cameras.

New LG design: Design A New LG design: Design B New LG design: Design C

Though the design is not quite attractive, it is old. The fingerprint scanner on the back is an old idea already incorporated by most of the smartphone giants. Well, the good news is that there is no notch in LG new Phones.  The phone just has enough room for the camera, earpiece and other components. The device also has a 3.3 mm headphone jack.
Let’s see! How the device will look like.

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