LG Patent Shows that it is Working on Foldable Phone

It seems that the time is coming closer to see the foldable and flexible smartphones as we have been hearing for a few years. We have heard rumors of Samsung, Huawei and Motorola working on such smartphones but a most recent LG patent shows that LG is working on the same foldable smartphone.

LG Patent Suggests a Foldable Phone

A technical description of LG foldable smartphone shows a body with a flexible display. Samsung’s device may fold vertically instead of horizontally with the support of a four-link hinge. On the other side, the South Korean company has opted for a new hinge mechanism that allows the display to be folded at certain angles.

LG Patent Shows that it is Working on Fordable Phone

The Patent suggests that the foldable phone will come with two mics, dual loudspeakers, and dual antennas. One camera will be placed on the outside of the closed display that users can take photos of the display while it is closed. When the phone is unfolded, its display automatically switches on and, when folded shut, the display automatically turns off. The LG patent also shows that the device’s display has a bezel-less design.

Currently, it is not clear when exactly LG is going to launch its first foldable smartphone, although the patent has confirmed that it is working on its strategy.

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