LG Rollable Phone having BOE Screen will Arrive in 2021

It’s been many years since we are waiting for the LG rollable phone. It’s been a long time since that company is working on a rollable phone. last year in August, we got 3D renders of the devices which were based on the patent LG filed. We know that patents are not confirmed entities and there is no confirmation whether the real product will come out or not. But since the device was very amazingly shown in 3D renders, we kept on waiting to see the reality- the real product.

Now we have come across a new revelation, according to which LG will launch rollable smartphones in 2021 codenamed project B. With this sad news, we got to know that the display panel of the device will be provided by BOE.

LG Rollable Phone Delayed- Users have to wait Longer

No doubt, foldable devices are not easily manufactured and we can know how Samsung foldable device was entirely failed. It seems that LG doesn’t want to have a bad name on the brand and will launch the device only when it’s perfectly ready.

The prototype of the device is underway at LG’s factory in Pyeongtaek. Currently, around 1000 to 2000 prototypes are produced, and usually to reach the final stage, three to four rounds of prototypes are created. Once the device is ready, it will revive the image of LG that is long lost somewhere.

Along with this revolutionary device, LG is working on a traditional-looking flagship device by the start of 2021 codenamed Rainbow. Another smartphone codenamed wing, which is a horizontal smartphone expected to launch by the end of 2020.

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