LG rollable smartphone is a futuristic expandable device

On Monday morning, the Korean tech giant LG unveiled a few glimpses of one of its concept projects: a rollable smartphone. It is still unclear when LG’s Rollable smartphone will make it to market, but lately this experiment has been branded by the company.

The company showed the best look of device so far and named it LG Rollable. The gadget has what the company calls a ‘unique resizable display’ that converts into a small tablet from a phone.

LG rollable

Apart from being called the LG Rollable and aside from the truth that the phone exists, we dont have much information right now. LG’s spokesperson told sources that LG would not disclose any specifics or facts outside of what was seen at the press conference.

However, the LG Rollable is expected to have a single screen display instead of a swivelling display. It will roll out to give you a bigger screen for an even more tablet-like viewing experience. Then it rolls back up to a typical smartphone’s height.

Other firms are now exploring rollable screens for their smartphones and tablets. Last year, TCL showed off a range of potential ideas. Previously, Oppo had demonstrated an expandable OLED screen prototype. Smartphone manufacturers with their rollable phones, however, have now yet to move beyond its design and experiment phase.


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