LG sells 5 million LTE smartphones

LG sells 5 million LTE smartphones
LG Electronics (LG) announced that it has sold five million LTE smartphones globally. Perhaps the most interesting part about this news is not the “5 million” figure, but the amount of phones the Korean manufacturer sold in the month of July – one LTE smartphone roughly every two and a half seconds. LG sold 1 million devices last month, which isn’t too bad for a company searching for its identity in this competitive market. The most popular of the devices was the Optimus LTE, selling two million units.

LG got it right this time! there still isn’t a great choice of phones that can run LTE. So they got in at the right time. Focusing on the key markets with LTE competencies, LG says that it saw strong acceptance by presenting diverse LTE smartphones according to user’s needs. Presently, more than ten LG LTE smartphones are available in countries where LTE service is available, including Korea, U.S., Japan and select markets in Europe and Asia. This makes it quite possible that LG sells 5 million LTE smartphones internationally.

Although Optimus LTE takes the trophy of the best popular LTE smartphone from LG with two million in sales, Optimus Vu: has managed to find itself in the hands of 500,000 people since March. And with the release of the industry’s first 2GB RAM LTE smartphone Optimus LTE II in May, LG saw the fastest sales among all LTE smartphones with this device reaching half a million units in the first 70 days.

CEO Dr. Jon-Seok Park says:
LTE phones in the next few months will be “second to none.” Finally, there’s a note about LG having the “largest global” total number of patents, claimed to be worth $8 billion, which is possibly projected to ward off the kind of patent trouble currently chasing Samsung.

LG sells 5 million LTE smartphones and is planning to do more. With phones like the Optimus 4XHD, LG is looking to change the mindset of consumers when it comes to being a viable option. Ultimately, time will tell whether or not customers will flock to LG.

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