LG Patents Reveal A Smartphone Design with UD Front Camera

It seems like Samsung is not the only one who is working on a new technology that is Under-display Front Camera. As LG Patents Reveal A Smartphone Design with UD Front Camera. Let’s see who will win this race and will first bring the UD front camera in the market.

Soon Users will Use Smartphones with UD Front Camera

The company has filed the patent in South Korea. The patent revealed two different designs – one with curved edges and one with straight. But the concept is all the same – an oval-shaped cutout houses one or at least two camera modules along with the usual sensors such as proximity and ambient. It can be in the middle or the upper left or upper right corners of the front panel.

UD Front Camera

On the other hand, The foldable smartphones race has also started. Almost all the big companies are working on flexible smartphones. Among all was Samsung. As Samsung is planning to launch the first foldable smartphone next year at CES. However, Samsung is not alone, LG Foldable Smartphone will also Announce in January at CES 2019. It means the next year we will see foldable smartphones.

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