LG Velvet 5G – Flagship Name for Midrange Device

LG might be a very competent company when it comes to launching tech devices, including TV and smartphones, but when it comes to giving them names, the company always fail to attract people. One can easily see the impact of names by analysing smashing and Apple flagship devices. This is the reason why the devices from this company never got that much attention that it should have gained otherwise. LG Velvet 5G device is the best example of this strategy.

Finally, the tech giant has realised its mistake and has decided to make a revolutionary business model by showing more concentration and attention to the name of the device. While every smartphone maker is working inn 5G devices, LG has decided the name of its first 5G device to be LG Velvet. No doubt, the name makes us feel that the device will have royal features that are usually included in the flagship devices of the brands.

It means instead of ThinQ moniker, which doesn’t really make any sense, we will be able to see a new name to upcoming devices that will be more explanatory. In a PR company has revealed the change in their naming strategy; however, it has not provided any more detail of the device.

Will LG Velvet 5G Device be Able to Compete with Galaxy S20 lineup?

According to some rumours, the device is not as flagship as the name is given and is going to include Snapdragon 765G processor, however, will have 5G connectivity. With this, we can easily see that will not be able to compete with Galaxy S20 or P40 Pro lineup but might be cost-effective 5G device to buy.

Other than this, we do not have any more information on the device. Let’s wait for the right time.

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