Huawei Releases Lightweight Headset VR Glass

It has been a while that the Virtual reality (VR) has been around but the VR technology has not prospered like the other emerging technology. Even though it has a slow start but still companies are optimistic and are investing in this technology. Now Huawei is the latest company to have invested and released a lightweight headset VR Glass 6DoF, which are specifically made for gaming.

The new Huawei VR headset comes with a clip, which facilitates the user to attach and hook the smartphone to their belts. These headsets are compatible with mobile devices. these are light weighted (188g). These glasses are very similar to the HTC Vive’s controllers. The glasses are designed such that they can be easily stored away, thus making the VR Glass 6DOF very portable.

In Full Scenario Smart Life Conference, the Huawei VR Glass 6DoF were showcased, according o Huawei Central. The Huawei VR headset consists of 6DOF vision modules, a pair of controllers and a detachable clip. The new clip feature lets the user to hook-up the smartphone to their belts.

The Huawei VR Glass 6DoF is available for pre-order in China for 3999 yuan which makes around 626 USD and 109,020 pkr. These are expensive headsets but for game-lovers to experience their game more realistically, will never mind the price.

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