Line Messenger now Lets you Unsend Messages within 24 Hours

Its seems that line messenger is very inspired by its competitor Whatsapp as Line Messenger now Lets you Unsend Messages within 24 Hours. Early this month WhatsApp has also introduced delete for everyone feature which was a relief for every one. This long awaited feature was loved by many. Keeping in view this Line also introduced a new feature, cheated tough.

Line Messenger now Lets you Unsend Messages within 24 Hours

Line is very famous in Asian countries. The new feature to retract message will be available in next two weeks. In WhatsApp you can delete messages in next few minutes.

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However Line allows you to deleted message in the next 24 hours. After 24 hours the message will stay in chat and everyone will be able to see it.

Line’s WhatsApp inspired feature is better than WhatsApp itself

Line messenger has 220 million monthly active users. The addition of news feature will definitely increase its user base. Line has also started it promotional activity which ask you to send them embarrassing messages that you had sent to someone and couldn’t delete. The person with best story will get some gift codes.

Line keep on introducing new features to be in limelight. It has many stong competitors like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. So it is necessary for it to bring some promotional activities or launch new features to attract users towards it. Now get tension free! And Line with you friends without worrying of sending something wrong.

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