Local AI Software can detect Covid-19 Within a Minute

In this era of technology, everything is possible. This year’s pandemic has suffered over lives a lot. The Covid-19 has upset the flow of our daily life. When this pandemic hit the world, the detection of this disease took a lot of time. As soon as our experts start understanding it, the detection of this virus starts taking less time. The National Electronics Complex of Pakistan has developed software capable of “detecting the novel coronavirus in a person’s lungs within a minute”. The “Cov-raid” is a Local AI Software can detect Covid-19 Within a Minute.

Local AI Software can detect Covid-19 Within a Minute

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has granted approval to the Cov-raid. Moreover, the software requires a chest X-Ray image as an input for the detection of Covid-19.

DRAP CEO Dr Asim Rauf said

“The local invention of Cov-raid is a major achievement. It will have a significant contribution.”

According to the official, this technology is only available in a few countries in the world. Pakistan will supply the Cov-raid to other countries too. Moreover, it will soon be available in the entire country to make the detection much easier.

The Cov-Raid has been registered under the DRAP Act 2012. It will “employ Convolutional Neural Networks” to diagnose Covid-19 in suspected individuals by using X-rays and it has been approved for “secondary detection” of the virus.

According to the Cov-Raid website, artificial intelligence software has been developed by creating a data repository of chest X-rays for Covid-19 detection.

Source: Tribune

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