MacBook Pro M1 with more cores to launch in March

The upcoming series of Apple’s MacBook Pros is about to become even more powerful. However according Apple’s LeaksApplePro tipster, the 12-core MacBook Pro M1 is only weeks away. This would provide a major increase in performance over the current Macbook M1, which has an 8-core processor.

The new 8-core M1 is a fine option for consumers seeking for an efficient Mac, but it ends up paling in contrast to all other higher-end Ryzen configurations that use 4 output cores and performance cores. A 12-core Macbook Pro M1 would definitely help to stand up to Zen-based architecture if the latest Macs ended up offering the same  specs as they would.

While the new M1 MacBook pro is the right laptop for most users. The MacBook Pro is often built for more challenging tasks and hence requires a far more powerful processor. Desktop efficiency has always meant more cores, so getting away from Intel shows that we will get still more cores.

Apple desires to expand the entire Mac line to Apple Silicon by 2022 and we know they are moving fast. The business is already looking to give an extra boost from eight cores to twelve. The company and is apparently working on a 64 core processor for future Mac Pros.This Apple Silicon would be named M1X to distinguish it from the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and M1 Mac mini processors.


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