Mark Zuckerberg Admits: It was My Mistake & I’m Sorry

On Tuesday, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg apologized for Russian election interference and third-party use of user data in a testimony to Congress. He confessed it in front of dozens of U.S. senators during which he repeatedly apologized and promised privacy reforms. Mark Zuckerberg said that it was my mistake, and I’m sorry.


He also defended his company against the threat of new legislation. He told members of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees that his company was trying to change in light of recent criticism.

Mark Zuckerberg Told to Congress: It was My Mistake & I’m Sorry

Mark Zuckerberg encountered 44 senators in a joint hearing of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees to talk about how his social media platform protects user data and deals with election meddling.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his opening remarks that Facebook didn’t do enough to prevent its tools from being used for harm citing fake news, interference in foreign elections, hate speech and data privacy.


Zuckerberg apologized several times for Facebook failures during five hours of Senate questioning. He also disclosed that his company was working with special counsel Robert Mueller in the federal probe of Russian election interference. He told to the congress that the company was working hard to change its own operations after the harvesting of users private data by a data-mining company affiliated with Donald Trump’s campaign.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted that we have made many mistakes in running the company and we will work harder for ensuring the tools created by Facebook are used in good and healthy manner.

After Facebook hearing, senators roll out new bill to prevent online use of data.

However, it was such a good step taken by Mark Zuckerberg. By apologizing in front of Congress and ensuring the privacy of users in future, might once again build the confidence of users on this giant social media platform.

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