Mark Zuckerberg Promotes Facebook’s Los Lunas Data Center Expansion

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook announced plans to expand the its data center in Los Lunas. Facebook also revealed the expansion on Tuesday and shared the company’s future. Mark Zuckerberg Promotes Facebook’s Los Lunas Data Center Expansion.

New Mexico data center is about to be expanded and will include second 460,000 square foot building. Now the total centers square footage will be 980,000. Facebook will deploy 1000 construction workers to work on site daily.

Mark Zuckerberg Promotes Facebook’s Los Lunas Data Center Expansion

KC Timmons, Data Center Operations official said:

Building one will be live and serving traffic in late 2018, and now with a second building, we expect to keep construction crews busy until 2020.  At peak, we project 1,000 construction workers will be on site daily. This expansion will also add additional full-time employees.

New Mexico’s Facebook data center has almost 150 workers on site everyday. Facebook announced the expansion of New Mexico Data Center back in September. This would be the seventh data center of the social media giant.

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This second building will be powered by 100% renewal energy same as Facebook’s first building which is under construction. Facebook is expected to double its investment in data center to nearly half a billion dollars. The second building will add $250 million to the project.  The new project will support 100 full time operational jobs.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said:

This is exciting news for New Mexico. We’re proud to have a cutting-edge high-tech company like Facebook as a partner as we move forward in diversifying New Mexico’s economy.

Here is the blog post of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

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