Mark Zuckerberg Starts a Book Club on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to share their views on their wall so that their friends know whats going around their friends.  Now the CEO Facebook wants to add a little more “book” to Facebook – NDTV. The Facebook founder and CEO, shared his new year resolution i.e. to read a book every other week in 2015, with an emphasis on learning about different beliefs, cultures and technologies. For this purpose, he created a page called “A Year of Books” and urged his friends to join him in the project.

Mark Zuckerberg Starts a Book Club on Facebook Called As “A Year Of Book”

[blockquote cite=””] More than 100,000 people had liked the club’s page on Facebook

The first book of this group will be “Moisés Naim’s The End of Power”, which argues that once-powerful positions have lost their dominance. This book explores how the world is shifting to give individual people more power that was traditionally only held by large organization like governments, military, etc.

Mark said that he is really excited for his reading challenge and that he found reading books very intellectually fulfilling. Also that books allow us to fully explore a topic and immerse ourselves in a deeper way than most media today.

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