Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther added as a Playable Hero

Crystal Dynamics’ “War for Wakanda” expansion is a welcome addition. The free update to Marvel’s Avengers does more than just to add Black Panther as a playable character. There are also some new enemies to battle with, a decent-length plot that introduces everyone, and a whole new location to explore in Wakanda itself.

Thanks to the Blank Panther-centric War for Wakanda expansion, Marvel’s Avengers now seems like it’s breaking out of the massive and looming shadow of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and becoming its own separate creature. War for Wakanda has established a new standard by transporting us to a thrilling new place, filled it with compelling character moments, and introducing a really excellent new character to the roster.

Black Panther may be the finest character in the Avengers, but he’s also the slowest and most difficult to navigate the map with.

Black Panther has the potential to be the finest character ever. His outfit properly matches his legendary fighting style, and his inherent meters perfectly represents his capacity to absorb physical energy and channel it into counter-attacks. He’s a lot of fun to play, that is, until you’re done battling. When it comes time to explore, Black Panther exposes one of the Avengers’ most serious weaknesses.


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What to expect from this new addition?

The Wakanda-set tale serves as an excellent addition to both T’Challa and the role his Wakandan home plays in the Avengers video game world. We’ve only had indications about the fortified African kingdom up to this point, and War for Wakanda explains why while explaining the unexpected appearance of outsiders.

A vast network of dungeons/caves and old ruins is teeming with smart small puzzles that showcase Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider roots. If anything, we wish there were more of these delightful brain-teasers sprinkled throughout the campaign. Aside from that, visiting the central palace introduces a unique social environment distinct from previous SHIELD locations, and it provides the setting for some very memorable character interactions.

The way you feel about how the game plays will eventually determine how you feel about this expansion. It worked for some, but not for others, and this addition is unlikely to sway your mind. If you want more Avengers, there appears to be a fantastic new piece of it – and for free, which is the best possible price.


Mantling and swinging need to be reworked as soon as possible, especially with Spider-Man on the horizon, and we’d like to see Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Kate Bishop, and Ms. Marvel’s leap range enhanced. The Black Panther moves like a snail in comparison to the other heroes, who are all already too sluggish. We need to feel like heroes both in and out of fight, yet the traversal system is currently accomplishing the reverse.

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