MasterCard Helps You to Pay Your Bills by Clicking Selfies

MasterCard is also impressed by the selfies trend as it has also launched its application. This application will work on bio metrics that is a very excellent and easy way for purchasing item in stores. Previously the person has to remember the pin code for the purchasing goods in the stores. During the payment of bill the person has to enter his password so that the transaction takes place. This technique was no doubt very high in security but there were some flaws in it. The person may forget or lost the password then after that what’s going to happen.

Recognize Rather Than Recall as MasterCard Helps You to Pay Your Bills by Clicking Selfies

But now Master card after understanding whole circumstances has introduced its latest application which works on fingerprint or on face recognition criteria. Because they know that the people feel difficulty in recalling things so they have solved this problem. This application will save the owner face in binary form (0 and 1) and this will be in the database of the system. So each time when the owner is going to pay bill it will detect the face and convert that detected face to binary form and after that match it with the saved database if they both matched then payment will be done.

The security expert at American financial services of MasterCard said:

[pull_quote_center]The new generation which is into selfies.. I think they’ll find it cool. They’ll embrace it, [/pull_quote_center]
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