Material Design Makeover Is Making Its Way To Google Maps Web

Google Maps Web is recently getting a new material design makeover. The new update is making its way to the users after a long time. The new UI is expected to roll out to the users in phases. Some of the users have started seeing the new UI. However, some still have not got it.

Google Maps Web Updates With New UI

The most noticeable change has hit the place listings. The new UI has removed the large blue card background. In addition to that, the main photo has become a little taller. Furthermore, the name has become bolder, and rating stars have turned yellow. The Quick access icons have become rounded now, with smaller grey text instead of the blue capitalized one. The icons for the directions have moved there too, so it’s no longer a floating button. The search bar on top has got rounded corners. Furthermore, when it is tapped, the location and close icons are shown inside a large blue button. The Text font and color seem to be a bit changed as well.Material Design Makeover Is Making Its Way To Google Maps Web

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