MediaTek’s Growth Ambitions for Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the emerging IT economies in Asia. With the help of good governance and the right policy structure, we can expedite this growth. Keeping that in mind, the government’s primary objective should to be to encourage and incentivize the foreign techpreneurs to invest in Pakistan. The evolution of the fifth-generation (5G) of technology is the epitome for a technological revolution, Pakistan as early as possible. For this matter, foreign tech companies can play a vital role. In this context, a webinar was conducted recently among the MediaTek’s Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman and media representatives from well-known news outlets.

MediaTek’s Growth Ambitions for Pakistan

MediaTek’s Legacy So Far:

If you happen to be a modern smartphone user, then you must have heard the name ‘MediaTek.’ As one in five smartphones use MediaTek chipsets in their CPUs. In addition to that, MediaTek is the fourth largest semiconductor company in the world in terms of capital and connects more than 2 billion devices each year with its wide range of Integrated chipsets. Furthermore, MediaTek has become a global leader in manufacturing innovative chips (SoC). 

  • Designing Chipsets for a Variety of Devices:

MediaTek design chips for a wide range of devices. The company manufacture chips for mobile devices, home entertainment, system connectivity and a number of other IoT products. 

  • On the Road to Build State-of-the-art Devices:

Recently, MediaTek has started focusing on developing its own range of devices. As of now, the company has developed several multimedia products. These include smartphones, tablets, television, 5G and Voice Assistant Devices (VAD). 

A webinar hold to discuss prospects of tech-development in Pakistan:

Recently, MediaTek organized a virtual media webinar to comprehend their future plans regarding Pakistan. The company would strive to provide the up to date HyperEngineGaming technology for the users in Pakistan and also create a roadmap for 5G development in Pakistan. Several tech influencers, content creators, publishers from media outlets, Youtubers and other media representatives were the part of the webinar. Their main point of discussion was related to the future plan of MediaTek in Pakistan

Director Osman’s Keen Desire for MediaTek’s Growth in Pakistan:

Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing at MediaTek, Rami Osman briefed about the future implications which its company to implement in Pakistan. A question was asked from the director on how it portrays itself growing in the upcoming years of Pakistan? Rami Osman replied that “Pakistan has a promising future as the country is accelerating in the realm of 2G, 3G and 4G smartphone devices. The population of 200 million people have a successful market size of 12 million users. Further, the market size would multiply in the upcoming years”. 

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  • Setting up offices in Pakistan:

Furthermore, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing Rami Osman said that it has future plans for setting up its offices in Pakistan. As in the near future, the demand to increase local manufacturers and innovative designs would expand. So it would become utterly essential to establish a regional office in Pakistan.

  • PR plans:

While briefing about MediaTek’s PR plans in Pakistan, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing Rami Osman stated “We aim to ensure that all Pakistani media and consumers are aware of our solutions and products. Pakistan is an important market and holds great potential, therefore we will continue to engage with the media in the market.”

  • Marketing Strategy:

Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman also shared its marketing strategy for Pakistan. According to him, the company is focusing on some important factors. First of all, MediaTek may accelerate 2G to 4G migration which is associated with the local brands. Consequently, it would generate new opportunities such as the KaiOS smart feature phone which would run on MediaTek chipset.

Along with that, the company is planning to incorporate more flagship features at a budget price which is easily affordable by any consumer. The company is also exploring domestic manufacturers which include local TV and smartphone manufacturers.


Prospects for 5G development:

As the world is shifting towards the 5G connectivity, MediaTek shall be expanding and enhancing connectivity in Pakistan. Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman explained that MediaTek’s 5G technologies were integrated across product lines which include 5G smartphones and 5G connectivity for routers and PCs. Furthermore, he stated “We are rolling out 5G with technology for a new era of super-fast connectivity to make great technology available to everyone. MediaTek’s dedicated team is completing the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) tests with all the major operators in the country, and it will eventually reflect in better call quality for users”.

Plans to Empower Upcoming Gaming Devices (Hyper Engine Gaming Technology:

He shared the plan to empower the upcoming gaming devices in the country. The MediaTek Helio G-series gaming- focused band is comprised of the new MediaTek Helio G95, G90 series, G85, G80, G70, G35, and G25 chips. The company will soon roll out the first smartphones in the country which would be empowered with the advanced G-series chipsets. According to Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman, “ the company is looking forward to announcing newer and more innovative chips in the Pakistani market. We are expecting new launches in the Helio P and G series and most importantly in our flagship Dimensity series which supports 5G connectivity.” The G series chip incorporates Hyper Engine gaming technology to boost the overall gaming experience. Regarding the G-series chips, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman stated,

“With the G-series chips, we are offering consumers optimal power efficiency with an advanced 12nm FinFET production process which ensures long battery life and power efficiency, even during long gaming sessions.” 

In the end, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, Rami Osman said that the company would be making attempts on enhancing strategic partnerships. For example, local manufacturing of TV and Smartphones. Furthermore, it would be promoting the use of Hyper Engine gaming technology in Pakistan. The time will tell on how MediaTek shall be bringing forward all these mentioned outcomes for the consumers in Pakistan. 

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