‘Message Reactions’ to soon roll out on WhatsApp

At the moment, the only method to react to a WhatsApp message is to send a follow-up message. You can respond with an audio message or call, but unlike other chat platforms, there is no option to send short and easy “message reactions.” This, however, might soon alter.

You will be able to respond to messages using this feature. You may use an emoji in a message to show your feelings about it. Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage already have the message responses functionality.

According to Wabetinfo, the upcoming feature was noticed during beta testing. Users were requested to update their WhatsApp beta version in order to see the message reaction.



“Today, we can officially reveal one of WhatsApp’s expected messaging feature: reactions! You already know what a response is: it’s generally an emoji that you may use to communicate emotions in a message. Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage already enable message responses or reactions, and we can now begin to learn about their progress”, WABetainfo report said.

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Those using older versions of WhatsApp will not be able to get reactions, as with the newly brought out View Once function. Instead, they will be met with a notice asking them to update their app version. Message reactions would be a small feature addition, but they may be useful in some situations. Many answers from multiple individuals frequently flood group conversations. Sending a message reaction might be a good way to reduce clutter.

‘Message Reactions’ on iOS and Android

According to the WABetaInfo source, the new WhatsApp response function has been found for Android smartphones. Having said that, the feature, like the majority of its other features, will be available to iOS users soon. The addition of the emoji reaction function to WhatsApp, which is not accessible on Signal or Telegram, might increase its popularity among users.

When the upcoming feature will land on WhatsApp

It’s unclear how WhatsApp will handle message reactions or if users will be able to respond with any emoji. The specifics are unknown at this time. It’s possible that the feature will languish in test releases before being released to the public, so don’t expect to see message reactions on your smartphone anytime soon.

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