Messenger Chat Feature Spotted in Testing Within Facebook App

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong- the application researcher has shared screenshots that show the chat functionality of Messenger within the main Facebook app. The new discovery is giving an indication that soon messenger or its chat feature will return to the vanilla Facebook app.

It appears as a small Messenger icon at the top in the Facebook app. When you tap on the Messenger icon it opens the conversation feed that containing the list of all contact in the same manner as they appear in the Messenger app. The screenshots indicate that users will have a regular chat with any of their friends in the main Facebook app.

Messenger Chat Feature Spotted in Testing Within Facebook App

The integrated Messenger chat feature only comes with a simple chat, you won’t find any multimedia bells and whistles but we can expect emojis. In case the user wants to send a reaction, they can make a voice call or send a photo, otherwise, for reactions, users will have to use the Facebook Messenger app. It is important to mention here that the Messenger chat feature in the Facebook app is spotted in the testing only so it is not available widely to users.

We don’t know that when this new feature will be available for users but we hope that soon the company will release it.

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