Meta/Facebook earned the title of ‘Worst company of 2021’, Here’s why?

According to a recent survey, Meta/Facebook is the ‘worst company of 2021.’This year, Facebook has been involved in a number of controversies. After whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed a series of internal documents, the corporation came under further investigation.

Every year, Yahoo! Finance names a “Company of the Year” based on its market performance and other accomplishments, as well as a “Worst Company of the Year,” based on a survey of its users on the company that has upset them the most.

An “open-ended” poll was published on Yahoo Finance on December 4 and 5, according to the publication, with 1,541 responses. Although Facebook garnered 8% of the write-in votes, respondents also seemed to dislike the Robinhood trading app. Nikola, the electric vehicle startup that was rated the worst business by the same journal last year, received negative feedback from respondents.

According to one responder, Meta/Facebook might redeem itself by admitting and apologising for what it done, as well as donating a “significant portion” of its income to a charity to assist undo the harm it caused. While some regarded the Meta branding as a cynical attempt to shift the discussion, others were enthralled by the prospect of a fresh approach that may be both intriguing and distinct from the current social media paradigm.


In October 2021, Facebook stated that it will change its name to ‘Meta’ in order to establish a platform for the ‘Metaverse,’ a new type of network that interacts with VR and AR. Behind the scenes, though, the focus was on internal records demonstrating that Instagram had been deemed hazardous to teens by Meta.

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