Meta will not target ads based on Race, Religion and Politics

Businesses will no longer be allowed to target ads to users of a specific race, political affiliation, or sexual orientation on Meta platforms, like as Facebook and Instagram. The decision follows years of criticism of the company’s advertising algorithms, which have been widely viewed as intrusive.

The business plans to remove options to target people based on how they address causes, organisations, or public figures in one of its first major changes since rebranding as Meta. All of Meta’s platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, as well as its network of other websites and apps that use Facebook’s ad-targeting capabilities, will be affected by the changes, which will take effect on January 19.

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According to Graham Mudd, Meta’s vice president of product marketing and ads, “we’ve received concerns from experts that targeting tools like these could be utilised in ways that lead to unpleasant experiences for people in marginalized communities.”

It’s worth noting that the interest targeting options we’re getting rid of aren’t based on people’s physical qualities or personal characteristics, but rather on factors like how they interact with content on our site.


The reason for this new shift could be related to mental health, but if we look at the big picture, Meta is most likely anticipating the outcome of the EU’s efforts to create legislation that prohibit tracking-based advertising. Meta’s worldwide advertising system will have to switch off detailed targeting groups all over the world because it can’t successfully filter out certain places.

Nayab Khan

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