Microsoft Edge Beats Firefox

Microsoft Edge beats Firefox and has become the second most popular desktop Web browser. The browser secured the second position based on usage. According to the report, the market share of Microsoft Edge was 7.59 percent in March which is slightly higher than Firefox’ as its share in the market is 7.19 percent.

Microsoft Edge Beats Firefox

When we look in to the history, then we can say that in terms of market share this is the first time that  Microsoft Edge left behind the Mozilla Firefox. Well, at the same time we can’t deny the fact that both of these browsers are still far behind than Google Chrome which is sharing 68.5 percent of market share. In addition to that, Windows 10 recently hit a new milestone of being used by 1 billion users. Moreover, now users of Chromium-based version are also able to use the extensions from the Chrome Web Store. You can see the clear picture in the graph.

The report also shared the market shares of other browsers. You can check the details in the table given below.

Chrome 68.50%
Edge 7.59%
Firefox 7.19%
Internet Explorer 11 5.60%
Safari 3.62%
QQ 2.41%
Sogou Explorer 1.88%
Opera 1.14%
Yandex 1.01%
UC Browser 0.42%


The lead of the Microsoft Edge shows how Firefox is losing ground as Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge increases in popularity.

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