Microsoft Edge Browser Supports Mac Apple M1 Models

Apple Silicon has a Native Support for Microsoft Edge browser and revealed a new update via Twitter to the Edge Developer Team. The team said Mac ARM64 devices will support all the current updates, including stable versions, on the Canary channel. The update should provide improved results, although the team did not say something about the tweet boost.

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Microsoft Edge browser Accessible for Mac Apple M1 Versions

Microsoft Office 365 Mac applications recently issued upgrades to boost Mac performance on an M1 chip. The modified Microsoft Edge web browser, which has native support for Apple Silicon, can now be downloaded on the Canary channel, according to a resource of the Microsoft Edge developer team. Microsoft adds features continuously on different development platforms and users can check any of these features when installed. Besides this, no information is currently available.

Microsoft Edge

The news comes a few days after Microsoft Office 365 applications for Mac were upgraded with Apple’s latest M1 chip for new Mac machines. Microsoft explained how these changes would increase the application’s performance but it did not clearly show whether the performance of the browser is boosting on new machines for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

This web browser isn’t the only web browser upgraded on M1 Mac versions. The update 84.0 of Mozilla Firefox was also launched with native support for the latest Apple M1 Mac versions. The Firefox new version is more than 2.5 times quicker on macOS machines, according to release notes.

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