Microsoft Edge Chromium Version Rolls Out With Windows 10 Update

Finally, much-awaited Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser is rolling out with a new Windows 10 update. Microsoft has started to replace the old Edge with the new via Windows 10’s update system. Soon the company will make its way to everyone using the platform except the Enterprise and Education users, once the update is released officially to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Version Rolls Out With Windows 10 Update

The company has taken this step just after a month it made the browser available for download on all supported Windows and macOS versions. The new update will switch to the Chromium engine by replacing the existing EdgeHTML browser engine.

Back in January, Microsoft confirmed this would happen in a statement:

If you’d prefer not to install Microsoft Edge manuallyyou can wait for it to be installed in a future update to Windows 10following our measured rollout approach over the next several months.We will start to migrate Windows 10 customers to the new Microsoft Edge in the coming weeks, starting with a subset of Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring.

For readers information, Microsoft’s Windows Insiders preview programme is a group of beta testers which receives new features early, and the new one is the upgraded version of Edge.

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