Microsoft Edge Now Allows You to Pause Extensions  

For privacy purposes, browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome do not launch extensions in Incognito mode. Since extensions seek broad permissions (particularly access to the information on websites), installing fraudulent or privacy-invading extensions might be problematic. What if there is an option to pause them?  

Microsoft Edge Now Pauses Extensions   

Microsoft is looking for a similar technique for regular tabs, but the privacy-friendly option will be completely optional and only exist for a limited time. On a website-by-website basis, the business intends to provide users control over extensions. Extensions access all internet sites, but the latest Microsoft Edge feature allows you to control this.  

In the meantime, the single thing you can do if any of the extension is causing problems with a website is to remove them from Microsoft Edge. Users will be able to limit access to extensions on specific websites starting with the next version of Microsoft Edge, which will prevent extensions from accessing data on the designated website.


As shown in the screenshot above, this experimental function allows you to block access to particular sites, such as You may permanently deactivate extensions for all internet sites from the browser’s options if you wish to.  


Microsoft is A/B evaluating the new privacy or security function, so it might not show up in Edge Canary for everyone.  

How Does It Work?  

When you pause an extension, the site will be automatically reloaded. It’s important to note that it only freezes extensions for a short time and that all extensions are suspended. You can’t choose and pause certain extensions at the moment. But we wouldn’t be shocked if this feature is implemented in the future.   

The website will display a banner reading. “We’ve suspended extensions on this site to maintain your data sharing low” when extensions have been paused. 

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